why does everything look better in gold?

i love making things gold and i wanna know y

8 Answers

Because it blends....

because it performs better in its characteristic properties

I think polished chrome plate looks better :)

Well.. you just have a long-term way of thinking about it! Gold does not oxidize, so it will remain for a long long time.

Also, making some gold would make sure you will have plenty of money in store.

Besides all the practicality, it just looks too shiny...

i agree with the blending and the properties but gold looks way better than polished chrome in my opinion

Guys... if we see its basically the shine thats appealing... and in case of chrome its more like a mirror of variable shape ... while its the same with polished gold only for the gold tint.... Well it'll vary from person to person based on personal preference!!!!!

Not Autodesk related, maybe not even SW related, but it all depends on the background/ambient - scene, shape of the object, the way it is applied (polished, matte, satin finish, brushed etc) and the rendering quality. In SW, with RealView enabled, the appearance is completely different than with PhotoWorks rendering the same will look different rendered in PhotoView, not to mention external rendering apps like Keyshot, Bunkspeed Shot etc...
And I do agree that many things DO actually look better in gold, but not everything, every time :) (my humble opinion)

I in particular like to use the black chrome when I'm doing presentation or rendering type stuff. When I'm working on a drawing I usually set it to brass just because the visibilty is better.