Why does GRABCAD let people upload so many stills without models?

Over the past few months, I've noticed that more and more stills are uploaded and less models are uploaded on here. Aperson can't even tell if it's a still or model anymore unless you go right to the page the model is located on. When viewing models on the library you should not list images as a version of the object. Also by giving people points for creating images instead of models, then you just encourage people to create images. I thought this site was 'GRABCAD' not 'GRAB IMAGE'. I have noticed that a lot of members only upload images or copies of other people's cad models. GRABCAD seems to support images more than models these days. You should make 2 seperate library tabs on top, one for models and one for images or renderings. A seperation of the 2 would greatly reduce the time someone has to spend on here looking for a model. Images and renderings are nice, but useless. You can't use an image when designing something like you can a 3D model. It's just a thought. I love 'GRABCAD'. I just don't like trying to get a drawing that has 14 images just to find there is no model.
Sincerely, David Warren.

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Hi David you do have a good point there, but sometimes peps do not have there model finished and they do put images up of work in progress and other times they can not share the model because of intellect property rights. I do how ever stand by you if this is not the case.

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I have answered this question by placing a new question
paying download-improvement of GRABCAD.

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