Why does the color i apply to a surface appear like a pattern in Solidworks?

I'm doin this Camaro model and i need to add different colors on the cowl of the hood ! In PV 360 i can directly open the model and apply colors to the faces , but from my knowledge to do the same with Keyshot 2 , i have to apply the colors in SW and then import it into KS ! So that my situation for why i need to add colors . So now when i apply a color to a surface , the result is some kinda pattern instead of a full even cover ! I thought it maybe jus a visual defect and tried doing the render in KS and the pattern is repeated ! I kno i'm doin somethin wrong cuz once i got it right , but jus didn know how :P So how can i get the full color over the surface ?

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2 Answers

You have there two surfaces in the same position...
Try to erase one of them. This issue happen when you "sewing" surfaces and you must activate "Merge entities" for avoid that problem.

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Guys i got it sorted out ! I had to hide a knitted surface of the hood and those patterns disappeared and i got i neat color ! But can someone explain why i had the problem initially ?

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