Why doesn't this sheetmetal part want to unfold?

For a project I am doing I have some parts that will be lasercut and bended afterwards, but one of the parts (14376_gbr_L3) I cannot get to unfold. I want to unfold it to insert the same cutouts as the other parts all have. The similar part "14376_gbr_L2" did work in the method I am using.

The error I get is: "this part contains features that cannot be unbent"

I do not understand how to fix this, please help! Thanks in advance to all the great helpers in this forum (I have been reading a lot)

BTW. I know it is not a very smooth radius, this is because it has to fit in a handbuild radius.

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i tried and...it's worked (if i understand what u need....my english is so bad)

I post the part.
Is this correct?

I only reactivated "Flat Pattern"

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I had another look at this problem, and by using the unfold feature step by step I was able to determine that the problem was in 2 area's. I deleted the arcs that gave me problems, including the small arcs next to it (that were the result from a fillet function in a previous stage). Then inserted a new arc, with the centerpoint of the new arc coincident to the old (deleted) arc.

This works for me. The line is NOT in exactly the same position, but for my application this is close enough.

If anyone has the same problem and/or is interested in the way I fixed this I can supply the part file.

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