Why haven't you asked a question here?

We want to improve GrabCAD Questions.

Not many people have asked a question, so we are trying to figure out why.

Is it because you already know everything, I found the answers someplace, you like to figure out it all by yourself etc.

You can answer here or send me an e-mail hardi@grabcad.com

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"...You Alredy know everything"??? hahaha, funny concept!!. If you ever meet that person please give me his contact!! hahaha...

Now, I think that there are SO MANY sources of information, that probably, with a quick web search, you’ll find the answer for many questions. It would probably take a bit longer to wait for someone to answer the question in GrabCad, and almost all the time, we are all in a hurry. Please note that I believe that GrabCad’s Q&A feature is an AWESOME idea and I read it almost every day.

I agree with Manolis, I personally found answers in posts made by other people. I have no questions at the moment, but surely will!!.

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I tend to follow the other comments already made. I do a quick search, which often doesn't yield the exact answer, but it's close enough for my to figure out the rest.

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Well up to now I did't have any questions that needed to be answered or I did have but someone else have already asked them for me.

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