Why I have this BLACK glass render ?

Hello everyone

I have a problem with the rendering of the object appearance of glass or transparent plastic, I even changed the scene the result is always black. Is it a matter of setting? Or graphics card?

I use: GeForce GT 220 1024 MB

Thank you for your help

6 Answers

I try it with Solidworks 2012 now it's working

thanks everybody

I think this problem is about lighting

Goto the properties of the applied material (glass) and set the transparancy at 95-100%.. Do let the preview fool you....glassy materials do not show properly @ preview, the final render will be much better...


I set transparency to 0.98 and change some setting, now its white but its not so transparent.

Have you tried increasing your final render render quality? The "good" (lowest) setting only allows 4 refractions.

Check if In Photoview 360 Options, you have "Custom Render Settings" checked, maybe sometime earlier you were messing around with these options, just uncheck it, and it should render well in both the preview and final render, without the quality being a factor