Why in drafting does not represent what I have in the assembly?

I have a odd problem with my assembly.
I try to represent the drawing but I have one part in my product that is not the real one.
As you can see in images, I have a part and then in the drafting is not the same.
There is something new at the left of my part when I am in drafting. I don't know why.

I have to say that at first my product and my drawing were in differents folders, but now I moved the drawing where is the product and still have the same issue.

Can somebody help me with this please!!?

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3 Answers

I think you have one extra feature (drag & drop problem) on your specification tree of part. If you upload some images from tree, we can find out.

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Wow Özgur!! from now on you are my new superhero!! ;D YES it was that, I don't know why there were some extrusions in the tree of the part that weren't hide but weren't visible! Something odd that I probably did. Thank you so much!!! :D

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