Why is it that my parts can still be seen after 100% FADE in INVENTOR STUDIO animation.

When I fade part completely to 0% in an animation, a “ghost” of it still remains. The ghosting is related to the ambient shadows. I know this because when I turn off Ambient Shadows, the image disappears. But I’d like to keep the ambient shadows turned on as it helps the lighting, making the rendering much better looking. One would think that if a part has completely faded away then there would be nothing till there to affect the lighting/ cause a shadow. Any suggestions? I’m attaching a short clip the features the problem. I rendered it as a fully uncompressed AVI file at 30 frames per second. I then opened it in movie maker and saved it as a WMV file. This is just test footage using a single camera. Notice the shadows of the “waves” before and after they are supposed to appear.

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Can not see the vid, but what you have said in the text. I would use parameters to suppress the part @ the point you want it to be 100% invisible

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I know im a few years late on this post, but it's cause Inventor studio sucks, I did notice though if i turn of the iterations it helps, but not completely

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