Why is my sweep surface emty on top

Hello, trying for several hours to make a dome using sweep surface with 2 curve guides, but I can't get it work properly.
If somebody knows what's the issue I will be glad.
I tried with and without symmetry on the curve, with and without a close sketch profile, but nothing solve the issue...

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Another try, but this time the surface overlap the profil...

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I'd use a Boundary Surface, Or a Fill Surface to create this shape. A sample is attached. I just realized this is a 2017 file. I'll try to make a 2016 version this evening.

Other thoughts:
Your third and fifth sketches do not connect to the 1st sketch. They are "close", but that is not going to help you. The end points need to be coincident.

With sketches 3 and 5 again, I doubt you need to use four point splines to create the desired curvature. When dealing with a regular spline, use as few control points as possible (two in this case). Browse through my recent tutorial on Splines. I think it is awesome, but I have a bit of a bias.
Some Tips for Dealing With Splines

Since the model looked symmetric about the center, I made half of it. I'd always deal with half of a model if possible.

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2016 Boundary Sample is attached for your review. Or anyone with a similar situation..

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