Why is Workbench support so hard to get?

I've tried for over a week (3 attempts at email) without a single reply. Except for the automatic reply acknowledging that I need help.

Recently, I can't get workbench to sync up with my local desktop app. Every time I delete the local HDD .grabcad folder and all its files, and then manually connect, it will download all the files as designed. However, before I even open the newly built folder on my HDD the app wants to upload Red - tagged files (thus deleting them on the workbench). These files are NOT to be deleted. Therefore I can't use the app because it keeps trying to delete required files in the cloud.
This just started happening after many years of using GradCAD workbench. HELP please.
I know this is not an engineering question, but GradCAD has no other way to reach out for help.

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