Why like stolen models???

A lot of CG engineers are sincerely upset by the stolen models that appear in Icadder.
And i agree fully that this illegal practice is something to reject.
But also on CG appear a lot of models from thefree3dmodels, 3dsmodels, archive3d, etc,
(Some of us will do everything to raise their score......)
If the shoe fits wear it, but shame on you..thanks Barta..
Why are there a lot of us why simply like those models and even comment "Great, Nice, Good Job etc... All those models are in the "same spirit" f.a. beautifull cars without any flaws, perfect aeroplanes (who all look alike)..
They also differ very much in quality compared to the regular models from those uploader.
Most of those models have no CAD files attached, only renderings.
My suggestion is: look a bit further and deeper into those kind of models before hitting the like button, next to the like button is the report button...Use this if needed, that's why it is created by the CG team.
Also a public notification (with the original location of the model if found) will expose them to their peers, some of them don't like this.
I was promised a lawsuit and a vist from the police this week...still laughing, but the model was deleted.... Do we need those frauds in our community...???
We first need to clean our own house before looking into the garden of our neighbours (Icadder, etc)

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You're right it's wrong to steal someone else's work. If someone does that just for increase his own scoring in our community that i can say: Its just an idiot to me...
Lets say someone has a great score in GC, so what? That dont give you actually something in real life... On the other hand, if someone steals work through here with a view to present it as their own and to benefit from this with money or otherwise, then yes must be criticized. And I say this because you too upload models that supposedly used in your job as i do. So if someone steal something from your work in GC you can and should file a lawsuit against him. But despite that I agree with you, all of us takes a risk to steal our work by someone...

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