why pro/e and NX or catia gets no love on grabcad?

everyone running behind soldiworks.

does solidworks really have that mettle just a question.

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in addition to what William said:
1. Solidworks price vs other CAD
2. easiness. usually, people will start with the easy one. and once I can do it the easy way, why I should learn the hard way?

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On the GrabCAD side we are very supportive to all softwares and we actually work hard to get Pro/E and Siemens guys more involved mora and promote GrabCAD to their users.

I think tools don't matter as much as engineers do so GrabCAD welcome all engineers.

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all simply because solidworks in last 2 years it has increased the quality of its product so it can be used for any way

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imgkg people stick to what they know and get taught most of the time I think that is why there is so many SW users on GrabCAD....
I don't think a lot of people get Pro-E or NX in school and only learn them kinds of software when they are in industry and the company they work for uses the software....

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See dudes..Pro/E is one of the Best softwares I have encountered it...There s nothing which can be gained from Solidworks..bt. fr pro/E It's not d same case..I emphasize people to upload more CAD models designed using proE/NX/CATIA..'cos They are competitive softwares...!!!!..Most of my models are modeled and rendered using pro/E!!!!! I use SW only fr. Surface modelling which i won't be using after learning CATIA & NX..:)

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I have used Pro E, Solid works, Space claim and Inventor.

They are all equally as good in there own right. I believe Solidworks is just mass marketed and is cheaper thats why most companies use it. It is also an allround software and not industry specific such as Catia or NX.

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