why solidworks models are more as compared to other softwares?

the grabcad library contains more models made of solidworks than any other package. what is the reason?

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Actually, AutoCAD is the most commonly used CAD software. Now as far as solid modelers, it's very possible SW is more common these days, mainly due to SW flooding the secondary schools with free seats. So the typical engineering type student is coming out of school with experience in SW. A great marketing move by SW for sure. Also, there simply just seems to be more SW people on this site than Inventor people. Don't kid yourself, both programs are on par with the other. Each may do a specific thing or two better or worse than the other, but typically, people who are more familiar or comfortable with one over the other will typically defend that program, which I've always found very funny considering it's simply a tool to do your job. But still, you'll see numerous people who will swear their CAD program of choice can butter your toast each morning as well.....LOL

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SolidWorks is the most commonly used CAD software.

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Most common in industry is Autocad/Inventor/NX/ProE, most common at schools SW ;) simple as that.

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I agree with CDS that AutoCAD is the most common used CAD software in the United States, however for those firms I have dealt with, mechanical designers specializing in machine design; both SolidWorks and Inventor are better suited. Until recently “pure” AutoCAD has had some limitations that the other “3D thinking” programs did not. Inventor did a test market début here in the Midwest USA and apparently it was a disaster similar to an early AutoCAD release that we won’t talk about. As a result it left designers here with a post-release prejudice against it and opened the door for SolidWorks. That’s the trouble with trying to get to market 1st. In any case, I have used both Inventor and SolidWorks, each has its points. As to why more SolidWorks models, you go with what you know.

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