Why some models downloaded from GRABCAD disappear in assembly Suddenly!!

I am really need a help !
before few days I dawnloded a NEMA17 stepper motor model from this site
NEMA 17 Stepper Motor
it says every time I open it, this is an educational version (as shown in figure attatched)
then I press OK and continue adding this model to my assembly(3D printer) without problems.
today I opened my assembly and all motors disapeared Suddenly!!!
there names still in components tree but I couldn't seen them even by open the file from assembly!
is that happened because it was an educational version?
or for other reasons??
how could I solve this problem without repeating my whole work??!

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If you are using the same CAD program, it shouldn't be an issue. In the case it isn't the same EXACT program, then it is because the file is in STEP/IGES. When converting files to different formats, things like this can happen, depending on the file format file you are attempting to use. The files (SLDPRT) may be in different system directories on your computer. The CAD program won't be able to find the missing files but knows they exist in the SLDASM environment (thus why you see names and properties, but not the ACTUAL part). One solution is to find all of the files and put them in the same folder and change where the CAD program looks. Alternately, you can just re-download the files and make sure they stay in the same directory. This should work.

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