why specification tree goes so little in size in catiaV5 that it becomes so small

that it is hardly to see..can anybody tell me how to make it normal.and sometimes the sketcker gets inactive and the curser gets converted to palm..how to activate it and can we restore restore the all features of catia

2 Answers

pan, zoom and fit all in commands are available for tree. x,y and z direction arrow on the right bottom screen activates tree. when you click it tree will activated and objects in screen will dark. in that moment you can use these commands for tree. the reason why the curser converted to palm will be that you may be click on a command 2 times and it repeats many times. And for restore there is available options. if you go customize. you will find restore options there.

greetings kulbir. i can understand the first part and what you can do it is hold ctrl key and scroll the mouse wheel just make sure that you point the cursor and highlight the part or any on model tree by highlight means single click.
for the second part i don't get it can you attach the images?