Why the engineers so asocial?

I am an engineer and I relaized that we are really asocial. why? must the engineers to be asocial?

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Beacuse, today world is not so much interested how things work. Everybody thinks that know all but try someone to ask how car worked, hmm it's a big philosophy beacuse modern technology become too speciality and invicible to ordinary customers that they give up to talking how it works - it's better to wach sport chanel or soap-operas and leave braincels to green field.

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Same thing with programmers. I worked with hundreds of programmers in aerospace. Some very strange characters in the group myself included. What really bothered me was that if you picked out the top 10 programmers they were also the top 10 with the most "social issues". Several should have been fired for their behaviors but management turned the eye because they couldn't afford to lose them.

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I don't think as individuals' we're asocial across our entire personality. But you raise a very good point; When I'm asked what I do and I say I'm an AeroSpace / Fluids Engineer 99% of people don't have the first clue. But if I give them an example like "design rowing boats & work with biomechanists setting up the boat/s for each unique crew" that puts things in context. As for working with other Engineers, I've always found my best conceptual ideas come from working by myself. And then when I feel the Concept has some degree of structure, I'll always bring in others' to get their input. Engineering covers so many jobs - I personally don't think - the one label fits all. But that's just me!

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