Why the shaft diameter 5mm does not fit with hole wizzard M5 accurately?

Dear all cad memebr,

I would like to ask you how is the best way (correct, accurate way) to create the whole and the shaft.
When I created the whole wizzard M5 with thread annotation it does not fit with the shaft diameter 5mm.
When I do assambly and the cut the model i can see it does not fit correctly and the diameter of whole is smaller then the shaft.
Waht is wrong? Or it is correct? (because of the threads) How is the best way annotation or use thread future in both cases whole and sfaft?
Can somebody explain it for me? Or i am on sykpe: radek_neckar so i would appreciate aomeone who i can talk about it.

Thank you so much!


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2 Answers

The hole size with thread annotation shows the holes minor diameter. Because the actual threads are not shown it looks as if the hole sizes are wrong. What is the best way? That depends on how your parts are being made or how you want it to look on screen for presentation.

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here when you designed M5 then 5 mm is nominal diameter not actual diameter so the shaft of 5mm diameter will not fit in it.

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