Why there are no technical drawings of models ?

My conception is that the models need complete technical documentation
( drawings).

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If you intend to give to world a free model that everybody can make it, this is OK, but when you adds your time spent on creating a model and documentation, you'l be suprised that documenting your design take a much more time then making it in 3d world, specially when you have 100 or more parts.

Most of the models here are visual-only type models - made for learning, for rendering context, or for other reasons besides production...

So they dont have dimensioned documents, because such documents would be almost completely useless!

No much people have enough spare time for do a technical drawing.

I always do a technical drawing for all the models of things I need in production, however, most of the models I uploaded here are replicas of things that are not my original designs/inventions/products. Those which are (my original creations) are somewhat modified to the level of being usable by other members (downloaders) but I prefer to keep the unmodified (original) technical solutions to myself, that is, as a property of my company. Not really a top secret thing, but why would I bother to share something that is either available somewhere else or something that should remain within restricted limits?
I don't want to argue about keeping business secrets, because what I don't want to be available to public, I simply don't upload here or anywhere else.
SW is a parametric app. Therefore, every part (sldprt) has the required information from which a technical drawing can be created and measurements taken if someone really wants to find out about dimensioning. I'll take just one of my files as an example, the front suspended fork for foldable/recumbent bicycles: Bicycle suspension mono fork which is a model made for visual representation, it has a version where all the tubing and other parts are assembled from metal sheet and tube parts, and used in the workshop. Download that one, remove the wheel with the brake and rotor, remove the suspension shock, and there it is. It can be completely taken apart and analyzed. Cheaper than buying a whole bike and cut into pieces just to see how thick is the main tube wall thick ;)

No pun intended :)
Nisam nameru da budem uvredljiv, nadam se da sam bio jasan u svom stavu ;)

Hy Dusan,
in my opinion there are technical drawing of models, but is very difficult that you can see one of this drawing here, at the forum...
Technical drawings are often full of precious informations not only for machining but also about material, heat treatments, surface finishing and so on..