Will SolidWorks 2011 64bit run on Windows 10?

My company is planning to upgrade our operating systems to Windows 10. What will happen to my current installation of SW2011?

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Statment I read from Solidworks.
SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP5 and SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP0 software will support Windows 10 64-bit Pro and Enterprise.

SOLIDWORKS 2014 will NOT support Windows 10.

So I'm guessing that 2011 will be not supported.

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Rob, Thanks for the response.
I don't care about corporate support because 2011 has been off of support for a while now. I am just curious if it will run if installed on Windows 10.

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I understand, might be a good idea to test on a machine before they upgrade your machine. My last reply was the only official view I could see from SW.

Let us know the outcome.

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I suppose I will ask our IT guy to run a test. I will post back the results if he decides to do it.

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I just try to install SW2011 to Windows 10 and it works, but I am still not sure about reliability. Do anybody has more experience with this issue?

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