Wind turbine Modeling and Twist angle

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I designed the wind turbine blade in Qblade software chord lengths and twist angles, and generated the blade as sections and each section is defined by x y z in .dat file
I'm supposed to put a curve in each plane in solidworks
each plane represent a section of the blade and each section represent an airfoil then loft command to extrude the sections to form the blade

when I import the X Y Z.dat file in solidworks as a curve ,Is it imported with its twist angle ? or the curve is created without angle ?

if without the twist angle ,how to define the twist angle for each section ?

The felix command twist along the blade not for each section or plane ,

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2 Answers

There is a reason propellers are called airscrews. Simply make a screw with a Helix - not a Felix! The airfoil will need to be modified to make a strong root.

Don't play about making nonsense when it is just as easy to make something that would work in reality!

Find yourself a good airfoil here!

Can you figure out how to get the "polars" into SW?
Hint Make Z=Zero!


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As if using flex in Solidworks listen! first use loft feature on one single blade then twist it using flex and cricular pattern it. Do remember that while circular patterning geometric pattern should be ticked.

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