Witch one of these supressors inside is the most effective for a 12 G shotgun sup. ?

Witch one of these supressors inside is the most effective for a 12 G shotgun sup. ? does anyone have experience with these sup.'s for help ?

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Honestly, it's kind of hard to provide the straight answer you're looking for to the question as you asked it.

1) The suppressors in the photo were all designed for use on rifles/pistols. Ratings of a suppressor's efficiency and effectiveness are generally only valid within the context of the type of weapon and caliber for which it was designed. On a .22 caliber rifle, a suppressor intended for, and that functions very well on a .45 caliber pistol will not give the optimum performance that can be achieved through a design tailored to the characteristics of the .22 cartridge. A suppressor designed for a .380 submachine gun would almost certainly explode if used on a .308 caliber rifle. Shotguns, by nature, don't lend themselves well to being suppressed, which leads me to...

2) Due in part to the above fact, there's never been any significant consumer demand for a shotgun suppressor, meaning there's been only limited experimentation with designs for such. A few manufactures have dabbled in the area, with varying results. Adapted for use on a shotgun, it's hard to say how well any of the designs in your image perform. As a result of the shotgun's tricky-to-suppress nature, and the lack of motivation to research suppressor design for it...

3) Any existing shotgun suppressor design you'll find today will be on the 'simple' end of the spectrum, like this Reflex design (http://guns.connect.fi/gow/shotgsup.jpg) -- a simple 'can' into which gas is vented via what is basically a heavily ported barrel extension. Using traditional baffles in a shotgun suppressor in generally not advisable, due to the greater risk of a baffle strike posed by their projectiles.

If you want to explore the area more in-depth, I'd suggest taking a look at the SilencerTalk forums, beginning with this thread -- http://www.silencertalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=61025.

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(: what i was expecting was more like: '' i've tried this and this and that one is better for this reason'' like. thanks any way.

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