Wooden snail with variable cross-section.


I have a problem with designing wooden snail. Does anyone know how to make the subject of the photo? Which operation should I use?

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you might be able to tackle it like a bolt thread. if your not sure then give me some dimensions and I will try it for you.

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baluster Another possible option. Hood closed profile along a path. Is set to "twist along the route"

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This is my wood snail which I've done so far. I have a problem with smooth rounding at the start and end of snail.

I use a SolidWorks 2010. I don't have a some of the options, that are in newer version of SolidWorks, like SW 2012.

Stephen, Can you show me your FeatureManager Design Tree? Or do for me tutorial, if you have a time of course :)

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Santorius, Your first project isn't perfect because this snail will be milled on 4axis CNC milling machine. This means that the edge and surface, marked in green, must be rounded. I have a similar model but i have a problem with rounding those elements.

Your next model is perfect for me but it's made in SW 2012, which I haven't it. I would like to make this snail with SW 2010, but I'm not sure that ia can do this in 2010 version.

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can you feel all the warmth in this room. (:
thanks Stephan that is exactlly what I was talking about. good job

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Currently I have SW 2012 :) so tutorial isn't necesarry, but it may be useful to other people.

Stephen, I don't understand why did u make sketch nr 4 in Your model?( step 3)

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Thanks for all!

I did this project with Your help.

Stephen, thanks for tutorial. I think that it be useful not just me.

Snails, which I modeled are available on my profile.

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