Workbench compatibility with solidworks 2019

Hello there,
I have question about workbench compatibility with SW2019. Year ago i tried to upgrade my SW2017 to 2018. Everything went smoothly except Grabcad app didn't work. For me and my cooworkers is grabcad essencial tool for work so we had to downgrade to 2017 again. Since then i had no courage to try it again cause downgrade caused many troubles with settings and so on..
I would like to ask, if anyone has more information about compability with versions 2018 or 19. If is it already done, or when/if is it planned.
Thank you very much.
Have nice day

2 Answers

Hello Yahya,
Thank you for you answer, so it looks like it stopped with SW 2017 and no new versions are planned to add... That is quite unpleasant.