Workbench project folders vrs existing project folders

I am exploring workbench by setting up one of my existing projects.
This project lives in a project folder on my local hard drive.
When I create the project in workbench, It shows a "local folder" and the "Workbench Folder"
The local folder of course will be on my local hard drive, and the workbench folder is in the cloud.

My question is, why am I not able to link the local project folder to the already existing project folder.
I have a project folder that I have been working out of for a decade or more, with all of my project in there. I certainly dont want to change this location on my local drive or create duplicates in the "grab Cad" folder.

I am sure there are more options, but as i said I am new to this. Can someone explain...

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1 Answer

In your local 'workbench' app, click the blue gear. You should be able to 'manually connect project' and 'create new project' which you will select your local project folder as the linked folder.

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