Would you like to see a one of your models in a motion picture? Anyone interested?

I am starting the graphics and collecting models for a new motion picture due to be filmed in early 2015. It's a Star Trek based film set in the 41st century. We are paying up to 10K per model, but they really have to be super detailed. Anyone can write me and anyone can join the art production. You just have to be highly detailed and have a amazing imagination. Looking for Advanced Star Ship models for both alien species and for the federation. Robots, shuttles, space stations, weapons, costumes, etc. If we use your model, we will send you a release form and negotiate the cost. Once we have agreed to a price, you'll be sent a check for that amount. Anyone can enter a model (s). you can submit models in the form of step, iges, dwg. dxf, sldprt stl, x_t, sat, Have a nice day and happy modeling.

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If you need any actors, then Danny Lipford would be an outstanding choice.

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