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Wrap Error - Resolved

By Tauntdevil on 21 Dec 05:11 3 answers 1 comment

Hello all.

I am having trouble wrapping teeth in a mouth using the wrap feature.

i need the mouth to embed in by .50in and the teeth to embed in the center of the mouth by .10in

Any ideas on how to resolve the error?
Constantly says it cannot apply to open contour or surface even though the sketch is closed.


Teeth Error.SLDPRT, 194 KB

3 answers

  • saeid mirshahidi
    saeid mirshahidi almost 3 years ago

    change the teeth sketch plan to front plane & extrude up to surface then choose the outside of cylinder

    Answered with a tutorial:


    Teeth.SLDPRT, 226 KB
  • Ridwan Septyawan
    Ridwan Septyawan almost 3 years ago

    Are like this ??? If YES I'll give you the step by step

    Ridwan S

  • Tauntdevil
    Tauntdevil almost 3 years ago

    Issue is resolved. Thanks everyone for the efforts!

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