XYZprinting with Inventor files

So I have the da Vinci Mini w printer from XYZprinting... but I also have Inventor 2016. How can I make it so that the inventor files I save/make are able to print on my printer? I can't seem to get them to show up for selection on the XYZware application (that sends models to the printer).

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Inventor files unfortunately cannot be printed on most 3D printers. You will need to export them as STL. files which are the most common types of files used on 3D printers.

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Dear Pixel Proxy,

Generally most of the 3d printers will take stl files you can use the relevant 3d printing softwares to slice the stl files and then try to 3d print it.

if you want to convert your inventor file to stl you can use many online converters but file safety is not guaranteed. so you can save the files in stl format in inventor itself.
as per your printer file formats supported is
.stl , XYZ Format (.3w, .nkg), .3mf

Print Software
XYZware / XYZmaker

Else save in any standard formats STEP, IGES use any design software to convert it into required formats for 3d printing.

still if you face problem upload your inventor file i will convert for you.

Dhanasekar V

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Save 3d file as stl format. Then use Meshlab for other formats. Meshlab is a free software.

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