you are asked to use CATIA to model an automobile monocoque body shell

You are asked to use CATIA to model an automobile monocoque body shell. You should use the Generic shape design workbench and free form curves to model the double curved surfaces. The part design workbench will calculate the weight of the shell, but you must first convert from a surface to a solid object with a thickness and apply a material. You need the CLOSE command for this.

Use the Analysis workbench for the stiffness and vibration modes. Use the Ergonomics workbench to assess the drivers vision, headroom, legroom etc. If you have time try two or three different designs and calculate which one has the ‘best’ shape. This is not straight forward, do we want minimum weight, maximum head room, maximum stiffness, minimum air resistance or some compromise between all of them?

Write a report of about 20 –30 pages with the outputs from CATIA screen capture. Show the history tree and some of the steps in the design process. Explain how the design can be manufactured using Rapid Prototyping methods.

How important is Catia software in the design process? Discuss the importance of computers in the vehicle design process.

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CATIA is only a 3D program, as any other...(solidworks, inventor, etc)
You have been given a task to design a automobile monocoque body shell.
My best suggestion is...just do it.
Do you really expect an answer on your complicated and not very clear question??
I believe you have been given this task to learn something, and that is a good just sit behind your computer and do the task...

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