Zero Bites on download. File empty. WHY???

This is same question as I ask previously. I always get a EMPTY jpg file when I download.
Is this a GRABCAD problem or local to my computer.
Who at GRABCAD addresses these kind of issues, as there is no "SUPPORT" tab to go to

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Thanks William, for the information...

I sent off an email.

GRABCAD is a great site but is very difficult to help others with their requests if I am not able to "see" their request "sketches".

I am somewhat clairvoyant, but not to that degree. ;=)))

Thanks again

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Hi Don there are a number of GrabCAD staff that you can E-mail about this problem if you go here you will see all the team and then you can E-mail about the problem...

I do know they work hard on everything to do with this site to keep it the best and maybe they are working on the problem right now I don't know?

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