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R Anderson


I have been in the machine shop field since 1971. I was always a "need to see how it works" kind of person. I remember in my young childhood putting together different plumbing combinations to see how it affected water flow through it. My dad was a WW2 vet and had been a building contractor before that (thus lots of plumbing fitting laying around the shop). When the war was over he went back to school and became a TV repairman. I had many hours of playing with electronics equipment in the years that i stayed at the store with Mom after school until she closed up. (Dad was usually gone on service calls), but the electronics field never appealed to me enough to go into. During high school I Worked at an auto parts supply and learned very fast that dealing direct with public was not for me. A friend got me an apprentice job in the tooling area of US Brass where we maintained the consumable and hard tooling for the 52 screw machines they had. I also learned from many seasoned machinists there not only about machining practices, but in developing and building special assembly equipment. I went on from there to spend the next 12 years in "tool and die" and then to "CNC". I also ran a Wire EDM department for about 10 years.


work experience

Automatic Products Corp CNC Programmer August 2011 -

Programming CNC Lathes mainly. Help with tooling and special fixturing.



Plano High School Industrial Trades

Have attended varius CNC programming courses - SmartCam GibbsCam Esprit



Workstation specs: Dell Precision T3400 Windows Vista Business
Honors and awards: Gibbscam 3D Certficate Esprit Training
Interests: Old cars, Computers, Gardening

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