Missing feed Request: Mosin nagant solid works model Requested by Taras T. about 6 years ago

I'm trying to convert old M44 into something modern and capable.
Mosin Nagant are nicely designed rifles (bolt is just a masterpiece!) but has horrible trigger, awful stock and low quality barrel. Timney just recently introduced replacement trigger for Mosin. All is left to do is to re-barrel it with modern quality barrel, modify bolt (separate firing pin from rear portion of bolt), create modern stock and scope mount base.
I already have nice receiver (Polish M44 are considered to the best M44 made), Timney trigger and Lilja barrel. Friend of mine works as CNC machinist and will be happy to help me with modification (I have an idea how to modify bolt) but I need drawings. Stock have to be converter into two pieces "tube"-style stock.
Yes, I know that one can purchase Rem700 for about $500 and it will be more accurate than Mosin will ever be but ... there is something about Mosin. Mosin seen more action than Rem700 will ever see and you just can not purchase more capable rifle for under $200!


  • Ryan Huffman

    Ryan Huffman over 6 years ago

    correct me if I'm wrong,but is that the 91/30 in your photo? I too would like to have a some 3D of this.

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