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Richard Drummond


I began using AutoCAD in (or around) 1989-90 while a student at Mississippi State University's Dept. of Landscape Architecture (LA). I was fortunate enough to have a professor/mentor that was far ahead of the curve, with regard to the use of CAD GIS. Prof. Jim Clark asked me to be his lab assistant for the AutoCAD class that he taught to Land. Arch., Arch. & Interior Design students. During that time, we began using a 3D modeling program called "Modelshop". I was the very first student in the Dept. of LA to employ the use of 3D modeling and animation into the presentation of my thesis project. Surprisingly enough, things went well with the presentation and I have enjoyed incorporating the use of CAD and 3D modeling in my everyday duties ever since. I started my practice 18 yrs. ago, named "Driftwood Landscape, Inc.", and have decided that I would transform my business from design/build to pro-practice last year. Since that time, I have enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about CAD, in general, as I had found myself in a functional "rut" as a result of not having any local peers with whom to share ideas and techniques. Recently, I have made a commitment to participating in a much higher level of instructor-based training as I have never had "formal" training prior to now. It has been more fun than I ever thought as the world of 3D has opened itself up to me, as a designer. I appreciate all of the information and educational resources that are provided within this forum. It is nice to see professionals freely sharing ideas with each other and I hope to become more of a contributor as I develop my new skills. Thanks to all!


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


The engineer has yet to share the college or university graduation details.


Workstation specs: Desktop: 16 GB DDR3 RAM; AMD FirePRO v5900 GPU; 6-core CPU @ approx. 3.2 Ghz (OC @ 28-30dC-stable); 2/27" Samsung Monitors. Mobile: HP Elite 8760w Mobile Workstation w/Mobile Intel QM67 Express Chipset & Intel Mobile Quad-core Processor i7-27202.2 GHz (up to 3.3 Ghz) w/1600 MHz 6 MB L3 Cache; 17.3" Monitor 1920x1080 (anti-glare w/Camera) + 2/27" Samsung Monitors; WIN 64 OS; NVIDIA Quadro 4000m GPU w/2GB ded. GDDR5 vid. mem.; 16 GB 1333 DDR3 RAM; 2/500 GB HD in RAID0 Config + 1/750 GB 2nd HD; Bluetooth.
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