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Richard O'Hearn Jr.

Outdoor Lighting is the stuff!


I've always been a CAD enthusiast. My first experience was in the mid-90's when I was 12, and my father got me AutoSketch. I work mainly with AutoCAD 2009, but I also have a good amount of time on Google SketchUp and Rhino 4. I'm currently in the outdoor lighting industry, working with various manufacturers, to ensure parts are comparable, and that the customer (usually a municipality inNew England) is receiving what they want. This can be time consuming, when working with multiple committees & historical groups focused on accuracy. I hold a B.S. in International Maritime Business with a concentration in Logistics, and I've just completed a grauate program in Accounting. I'm looking to enter into a managerial position, with a focus on communicating between Executives and Engineers somewhere in the manufacturing industry.


work experience

Applications Engineer / Project & Operations Manager



BS International Maritime Business & Logistics Massachusetts Maritime Academy Post-Bachelors Accounting Certificate University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth



Workstation specs: Shuttle PC - nVidia 9500 GT - 8 Gigs RAM - Windows 7
Honors and awards:
Interests: Singletrack MTB and Family

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