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Richard Spehr


I am an Industrial Designer and have been producing and documenting product designs since 1979. I currently work for CMS Worldgroup and Manage the Design Department at their offices in Clearwater Florida. My specialty is Product Design. I specialize in Medical Sports Products.


work experience

Beckwith Electric Mechanical Design Engineer / SolidWorks / AutoCad January 2002 - January 2008

Mechanical Design Engineer SolidWorks. Electro Mechanical Housing Assemblies for the Power Generation and Protection Industry. Primarily Sheetmetal Housing Designs.

ProTech Monitoring Mechanical Design Engineer / SolidWorks March 2008 - August 2010

SolidWorks Designs of Ankle Bracelet / Wireless Monitors for criminal surveillance. Plastic housings with integral electronic assemblies design.

CMS WorldGroup Director of Engineering and Design Services August 2008 - January 2023

I am a Private Contractor to this company. Charles Ferrer CEO welcomed me on board his company in August of 2008 and is allowing me to hold a position within his company simultaneously with additional independent contracts and jobs outside his company. I administrate the Design and Development of products from Inventors who wish to prototype and then produce various products in China. After the prototype design is approved by the customer, the customer will obtain Container Loads of his new design. One of my most successful designs was a therapeutic exercise machine for range of motion. Orthopedic Boot for patients with sprains or breaks was also designed in three sizes. This was a very fun project. Mouth Guards for a Martial Arts Sport was also developed. I also designed an Athletic Shoe for Martial Arts Practice. Developed a Cold Therapy Device for post Op Knee joints. The Design tasks for CMS have been VERY Interesting and productive. The CMS Group can be defined as a NINJA style Product Development Group. This Work has been wonderful because of the fact that it has been "ongoing" for a very long time. Many companies are unable to sustain Design Engineers like myself because we DONT Work Cheap!

American Matrixx Mechanical Design Engineer / SolidWorks March 2011 - August 2011

Carbon Fiber Mold Design. Worked with the owner of the company to produce Carbon Fiber molds. In addition I performed some miner computer hardware repair. Worked in the Production environment to build the carbon fiber Models. Worked with a product of a Mine detector and also a Carbon Fiber Rapidly Deployable Drone for the military.

Jabil Circuit Randstadt Technologies Design Contractor September 2011 - August 2013

Developed Water Remediation Equipment. Worked on trailers 20 ft and 40ft with integrated equipment (using electrocoagulation) to process fraking oil and gas well water. The Team then redesigned the fraking trailers to process oil and gas water cleaning aparatus that did not use electrocoagulation. The same equipment was then redesigned to work in cleaning the water at a Shrimp Farm in Florida. Worked with a company in France to develop machinery to produce a mild cleaning solution using membrane film technology. Participated in multiple bidding operations for products as popular as the European Company called Let Pizza. The range of products at Jabil Integrated Portable Solutions was vast and interesting. Jabil is a very Inovative and Forward looking company. Jabil has a state of the art Management system. I loved this assignment. Hats off to the owners of Jabil Corp.


Industrial Design CMS Worldgroup



Ohio State University Columbus Bachelor of Science Industrial Design, Industrial Design 1970 - 1977

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design Ohio State University Product Development / Mechanical Design Engineering



Workstation specs: Asus Home built game computer Running Windows 7
Honors and awards:
Interests: Aviation, Boating, Fishing, Kayaking, Scuba Diving, Photography and of course Model Building

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