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Hi, when i was in high school, I took an animation class. I was young and lost and had no hopes for the future. Back then and now, still can be said. the future is still looking very vague. I had a vision, that someday, if and once i master doing 3d, I could expand in everything I was looking forward to working on. The things I want to work on is new innovations in either skate boarding means, auto-motives, and robotics. but first i'm going to work on small projects to test my abilities. I want to upload all my progression in doing cad works. So far, I'm slowly getting back into 2d and then eventually to 3d.


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


The engineer has yet to share the college or university graduation details.


Workstation specs:
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Interests: Gundam models, transformers model, Final Fantasy models and figures, Zoid Models, architectures, astronomy, complex formulas, electronics, IT, simple tools and auto-motives.

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