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I am one of the main super experts in the 3D data translation industry. I and my staff pioneered and brought to market the main 3D conversion program over the last 25+ years. We do not blindly sell software but rather we sell specialized conversion "solutions" to each and everyone of our main customers. Everyone always has a different conversion "problem" to overcome even if most do not know that at first. 80% of our new customers come to us asking for an incorrect conversion route to which we always take 1 or 2 emails to properly educate them, and dispel their common misconceptions, after which they become quick experts in professional data translation. If you have questions on anything related to 3D graphics or 3D data translation then I write answers 18 hrs/day, 7 days a week to anyone who takes the times to pen an email to me.


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Okino Computer Graphics, Inc. CEO and CTO January 1988 -

Okino Computer Graphics focuses on the development and commercialization of 3D digital asset model "conversion pipeline" software, components, and solutions that streamline customer data pipelines and/or allow them to add new 3D tool capabilities to their current production environment. Our core professional user base covers the MCAD/AEC, the design content creation (DCC) market, the 3D game development market, movie + television production, the military and in general any market sector that deals with 3D graphics and its related 2D assets ( Okino's well known and popular "PolyTrans|CAD" + "PolyTrans|DCC+Animation" products are the leading data translation systems with many tens of thousands of professional companies as their prime user base. Okino pioneered the entire pipeline and concepts of cross conversion between the CAD, DCC and VisSim applications + file formats, well before the widespread use of PolyTrans made this commonplace. Specialties: Three simple words can describe myself: "I am a builder". Since age 5 I have done nothing but "build". Over the last 3 decades I have "built" one of the most popular software products in the 3D industry. Over my life I have come to personally build everything from a half-dozen self-designed computers, rack-mounted DSP music synthesis machines, fine furniture and over 35+ years of software product design. I thrive on challenges, goals, and of course ultra-complexity.



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