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Robin Hood


Inventor and Designer of a new and unique boat storage facility which I have called Rotadock. The IP I own includes the patent applicable to the invention, the registered trade mark "Rotadock", the registered domain name of and, with copyright ownership of all the drawings and designs of the storage arrangement of boats within the facility, as well as the architectural designs of the buildings housing the storage system.


work experience

Various, both as en employee and employer. From draughtsman to self employed businessman.

After having spent 12 years in the design offices of mining and structural engineering offices, I turned a boat building hobby into a business, which I did for some 25 years. Then I designed and patented a boat storage facility and system, which will hopefully be built in the near future in the UK and elsewhere. I am now semi retired, but still interested in promoting and developing my work.



Johannesburg Institute of Technology (as it was known in 1968) Diplomas in Draughtsmanship, Mechanical, Structural and Architectural. 1965 - 1968

After graduating from High School, I attended the Johannesburg Institute of Technology, Johannesburg, South Africa, Graduating in 1968.



Workstation specs: MacPro Intel dual core, Macbook Pro 17.
Honors and awards:
Interests: Boating (water sports and cruising), as well as the design of power catamarans. Travel. Dabbling with my CAD programmes.

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