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I have successfully completed 3 terms at the CAD Institute in 1995-1996, earning 3 Certificates in CAD Drafting, and Diploma in CAD Drafting. Attending Phoenix to finish major in Architectural Drafting using CAD and REVIT. I use Blender at home, creating Architectural models, 3D models and animation for various client projects, including architectural and landscaping projects. Also used ArchiCAD and 3DSMax. I have created several renderings in REVIT in client and class projects, while attending Phoenix College, and working architectural projects on the side. I have been using Photoshop, and PhotoImpressionist software to create graphics, edit renderings, and create material and texture graphics for projects as needed. Worked on projects for real estate development of a shopping mall using AutoCAD, Blender 3D modeling and animation software in combination with Bryce 3D. Work provided upon request. I am an innovator and inventor using knowledge of technologies to create products to better benefit civilization. Roger Sexton RDS2@Q.Com To see some of my graphics and architectural rendering work go to: <a href='' title='Hire Roger Sexton at'><img src='//' alt='Hire Roger Sexton at' style='border-style:none' /></a> You can view some of my animation work from projects at: (Created in revit). (Two Story house orginally created in Revit but recreated in Blender and animated in Blender). (Tripical swimming pool created completely in Blender for Shehan Pools, from a blueprint provided for Shehan Pools).


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