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My name is Sam Wiewel and I am from Northern Central Minnesota. I currently am studying Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University in Corvallis Oregon. I was an avid FRC participant and love robotics and STEM in general. I love FPV drone racing and freestyle flying, and anything aerospace related!


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


Oregon State University Bachelors in Science, Mechanical Engineering 2016 - 2020



Workstation specs: i5 4670k OC @ 4.2ghz / GTX 760 OC 4gb / 8gb G.skill / 250gb 850 EVO ssd / 1Tb WD Black / Windows 10
Honors and awards: Worlds Championship Saint Louis FRC team 3102 - 2017 Minnesota State Championship FRC team 3102 - 2015/2016 Engineering Award FRC 2016 Wisconsin Regional
Interests: FPV drone piloting/racing Aerospace and drone technology

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