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Hope for the best,expect the worse,and take whatever comes


I am 61 yrs old and I was born in The Bronx,and stay in and around N.Y. up until 1988.I moved to Florida and live in Titusville,Fl. by the Kennedy Space Center,where I worked as part of ground support.I have 3 beautiful daughters from a 23yr marriage.Divorced in 2001.I also love to play guitar&bass and played in bands for over 30 yrs.


work experience

I worked in the last 47 yrs. for 31 different companies. Diesel Tech,Merchant Marine Chief Engineer,CDL "A" Driver January 1966 - June 2013

Hey life's an adventure.Started working at the D&H RR during the summer break of 1966.In 3 months I was able to do a pre trip check start the engine and move it from the round house to the fueling area.From then on it was diesel&gas farm equipment,then into a full truck&auto repair center,building&racing stock cars at 18yrs.Then driving and repairing semi trucks.Rebuilt my first Detroit Diesel at 18yrs.Drove in 9 states and Eastern Canada.Read every truck and auto book I could get my hands on.Joined the Panamanian Merchant Marines and eventually a US Merchant Marine for 12 yrs,worked at the Kennedy Space Center for 7 yrs.



ESI EMD engine school EMD certified engine tech, 2 cycle train,power systems&marine diesel engines 2000 - 2001



Workstation specs: 5200 Gateway PC with Creo Elements Direct Modeling...nothing special but good enough as a beginner working in CAD
Honors and awards:
Interests: Love to play Guitar&Bass Acoustic or electric

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