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Mr Edwin Yeo is the founder of Opcon Pte Ltd and had a background in Mechatronics engineering, specialising in electro-mechanical applications. Back in school days, he was taught by Bosch Automation in designing factory automation followed by his past employment with automation companies such as Nutek and Autoveyor. Mr Edwin has had extensive mechanical design engineering background in handling Computer-Aided Design (CAD) related to automation and robotic design. He is also trained in production and system analysis and is familiar with offshore applications and shipbuilding industries. As a senior design engineer formerly, he was tasked to design customised machinery with precision and accuracy, and created specialised machines for application in different industries. He also dealt with high powered hydraulic transmission for offshore oil and gas related machinery and precision PCB handling machines. He was one of the pioneer engineers in the design of Eubiq products - a domestic power supply track system that allows consumers to install and remove domestic plugs anywhere on the track. Mr Edwin also designed Asia’s first 30-tonne pipe tensioner for offshore application in lying oil and gas pipes in the deep seas. In addition, he assisted in designing military equipment for both local and overseas military units. Mr Edwin was awarded by Pro/Award for his outstanding design in CAD/CAM system in 1999. He was also in-charge of his own engineering team and system integration of CAD/CAM in production line for clients of Hitachi and SeaGate. Due to his engineering and diving background expertise, he is able to apply both skills in his daily work, implementing underwater automation and robotics technologies to reduce the risks of diving. He had built up the teams for diving, health & safety, underwater equipment monitoring and research & development in advanced underwater technologies and underwater renewable energy which had him featured in Strait Times and by Spring Singapore. He was formerly awarded by Minister of Transport for Black Smoke Detector under the MPA Maritime Innovation & Technology (MINT) project. In 2014, the Regional Managing Director of DHI Group, Mr Tom Foster invested into OPCON Pte Ltd, where Mr Edwin invented the state-of-art diver propulsion system that outwit several competitor brands on the market, wining him a defence contract from the Middle East and subsequently South East Asia. Mr Edwin Yeo’s innovation in the maritime technology had subsequently won him several international certifications and several Patents & Trademark. 1) PCT Patent WO/2011/119110; 2) Singapore Patent 182839; 3) Singapore Trademark T1301609F; 4) US Patent 9180343. His invention of the world’s leading diver propulsion system named “Black Ace®”, put his designing skills meeting several of the international product safety qualifications. Undergoing months of military testing under MIL-STD-810G by USA MET Lab and also European Safety Directive CE by TUV-NORD, the Black Ace® was designed to meet the future needs of naval diver warfare. Opcon Pte Ltd is targeting for its IPO in 2018. Senior Minister of State, Miss Indranee Rajah had speeches of Mr Edwin Yeo at the National Youth Business Conference 2014 and was subsequently featured by the Ministry of Education on MediaCorp Channel 8 program “Enroute Onwards”. National Institute of Education also featured Mr Edwin Yeo on Entrepreneur Trails and he was also featured on the SG50 Book – A Nation of Skilled Talents.


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OPCON PTE LTD Director May 2008 -



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