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I am a graduate mechanical engineer looking for a full time/ contract position as a Mechanical engineer. I have successfully demonstrated my practical and theoretical skills in the various workshops and internships I have undertaken. I completed two internships with TATA Motors, a reputed Automobile manufacturer, and during both these internships I was given challenging assignments which taught me a big deal about Automobiles Engineering, Industrial Engineering and general Management skills. The courses I undertook, namely, Theory of Machines, CAD/CAM and Heat and Mass Transfer have helped me perform well in these assignments. During my under graduation, I have worked as a roll cage team lead for SAE BAJA competition in India. I have designed and modelled the roll cage according to the rulebook given by SAE. I and my team successfully designed everything in Solidworks. For simulations, we have used ANSYS for several testing cases like front impact, rear impact, and side impact, torsional, roll over etc. After completion of design and analysis, we have started fabricating it with the facilities that are available in my college. I have hands on experience in welding, machining, cutting and other fabrication processes. I have very good experience in design and 3D modelling. During my internship In TATA motors, I have worked in a new product introduction department, in which we work with sales and customer services department and collect feedback about a product of the company available in market. After getting the feedback, we formed a team of 10-12 members from different departments include materials handling, manufacturing, assembly lane supervisor etc. and have done conceptual designs for the changes which has to be made to the design of the part. Once the conceptual designs are made, we have proceeded with 3D modelling and check for collision damage test so that we got an assurance that there are no parts colliding each other while the part is in running condition. Once everything is ready we have designed manufacturing process including fits and tolerance and explained about them to the technicians and obtained good results and productivity. During this Internship I have worked in each and every segment, we have used CREO ( Pro E) and solidworks for modelling and simulations.


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Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


Purdue School of Technology Master of science , Mechanical engineering 2015 - 2017



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