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I am working on all kind of small to large projects. September 2017 I decided to share my experiences and projects with the community through Grabcad, thingiverse, a wide selection of forums, youtube and instagram.


work experience

Stef's Engineering Owner September 2017 -

Owner of Pilot engineering and presenter of my youtube channel stef's engineering, where I share the products I design, develop and make.



The engineer has yet to share the college or university graduation details.


Workstation specs: Workstation: I7 5900K @ 4.2Ghz G.Skill Trident-Z 64GB @ 3200Mhz Samsung 960PRO 1TB Samsung 850EVO 1TB (2x) Asus ROG STRIX 1080TI Corsair HX100I PSU Corsair H115i water cooling peripherals: Dell 3415W (ultrawide 34" monitor) Corsair K95 keyboard Razer Deathadder mouse 3D connection spacenavigator Wacom Intuos H115i Keeps it cool even at 4.2Ghz overclock to a max of 50 degrees celcius at 60 min+ rendering on full load.
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