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Steve Erickson

Product Design: napkin sketch to point of purchase


Every product design project starts out as puzzle made up of semi-opaque pieces. The pieces… market analysis, competitive analysis, price points, innovation, differentiation, aesthetics, concinnity, function, ergonomics, materials, manufacturing processes, packaging, costs, users, and clients. These and other considerations assemble into a design language that makes your product unique, pertinent, and targeted in the marketplace… a tangible object of desire and promise... a picture that makes sense. Every product wants to be something… to be desired and realize its potential, in many ways and from many perspectives. I strive to stimulate desires and extract potential… solve the puzzle. My clients' success ensures my own and realizing that desire and potential benefits us both.


work experience

Io Design Principal January 2007 -

Industrial/Product Design and Development: - Market Analysis - Competitive Analysis - Marketing Strategy - Pricing Strategy - Manufacturing Processes and Strategy - 3D modeling/CAD (Concept - Production) - 3D Rapid Prototyping - Product Packaging Design - Photo Quality Rendering Mechanical Engineering: - Electro-Mechanical Packaging Design - Injection Molded Plastic/Rubber Design - Sheet Metal Design - Design and Integration of Complex Machined Parts - Engineering Drawings/Detail Drafting - 2D to 3D CAD Modeling - Reverse Engineering - Custom Tooling and Fixtures Mechanical Engineering/Analysis: - Tolerance Analysis/Studies - Evaluate Existing Designs for Manufacturability (DFM) - Forensic/Environmental Product Testing - FEA/CFD Structural and Thermal Analysis Services: -- Deflection Analysis -- Displacement Analysis -- Fatigue Analysis -- Failure Analysis -- Finite Element Analysis -- Stress Analysis -- Strain Analysis -- Structural Analysis -- Thermal Analysis Electrical Engineering Software Development Global Supplier Sourcing Liaison with Domestic and Foreign "Best-in-Class" Suppliers for Prototype and Production



San Jose State University B.S. Industrial Design, Product Design/Development 1999 - 2004



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