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Steve Jager


Check back later for some more details about this engineer. Not all engineers are word masters!


work experience

Jager Signs Manager, Artist, signwriter January 1970 - January 2014

Started my working life as a fishing deckhand with my boat building fisherman father in 1964 and progressed to also undertaking commercial diving. Sat for my Marine and Engineering tickets and had my Master I Fishing by 1972. Started my own sign business in 1970 and alternated between fishing and signwriting for most of my life. Learned the art of shipwrighting from my boatbuilding father and undertook many boat repairs, salvage and painting for individuals and insurance companies. Attended a Conservatorium for the arts and studied Music, Sound and Lighting Engineering and later worked for a while with them as their site co-ordinator, security and maintenance manager. Held a position as Lecturer in marine studies at Australian Maritime College writing ship construction learning material and I am now retired. Have a passion for songwriting and performing live music.



Dover Area School Secondary School Certificate, Basic Education 1954 - 1964

While my Schooling was simple basics, the knowledge and hands on experience I was handed down from my Father and his family is priceless. I am a willing student in all that life has to offer and I will continue to expand my hands on skills and knowledge about every subject imaginable until I have taken my very last breath.



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