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Born mid 80's grew up with the motoring world as my play ground and love the petrolhead side of life always looking to build a new toy/project always looking to expand my knowledge so so some degree or another I'd say I'm a student of life always self-studing


work experience

Interbike, Interceptor Services everything from sales, stock, full workshop January 1998 -

Amoung my years working at the bike shop I've also done training into ASME IX tig welding, mig, arc, CO2, I can and have made custom tools, done some turning work but most times I do drawings and get the local machine shop to turn bits to my specs, mainly into Motorcyle refurbishing but also build custom one offs



Maris Viljoen High School Matriculated 2002

I completed my basic school career ending at my Matric in 2002 did not have funds for further study so went straight into the working world visiting book stores and libaries often so as to expand my knowledge so as to accomplish task I set (lastest was learning some C with ardino great plateform for any beginner)



Workstation specs:
Honors and awards:
Interests: Automotive mech and elec, almost any mech or elec item Motorsport

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