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I have college-level education in mechanical design and documentation, in addition to almost twenty years of experience in design, CAD modeling, assembly management, mentoring, supervision, drafting, and documentation. I am an expert at drafting, the creation of correct fabrication drawings, and proper use of GD&T callouts. I also have production experience with a wide variety of processes, including sheet metal, stamped and formed parts, cast and injection molded parts, rapid prototypes, machined parts, and weldments. Additionally, I have worked with ECR / ECO processes, BOM creation, and PDM / Revision Control software. I love what I do, and I often branch out and study related fields (Technical Illustration, new CAD trends, electronics and PCB layout). I have worked with a variety of shop tools, creating my own sheet metal panels and enclosures, and I am familiar with the advantages and limitations of modern manufacturing processes. I consider myself very lucky to be able to work in a field that I truly enjoy, and where I can use a combination of learned skills and creativity.


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