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Tom Van Ryn


My name is Tom and I’m a wheel expert. For the last seven years my designs have changed the wheel industry, and I’m uniquely skilled to continue bringing successful designs and the newest technology to market. You have seen my designs all over the world, and you have seen my designs copied by companies at all industry price points. I changed ADV.1 from a struggling new brand with one new trick into the most influential wheel brand in the industry. During the time I was with ADV.1 I was constantly pushing the limits of design and manufacturing. I personally created the floating spoke 3-piece (Trackspec) and the 2-piece modular (MV2) configurations that have changed the industry forever. In 2016 I left ADV.1 to begin new adventures. My expertise is 2D drafting and 3D modeling, but my passion is in wheels. My goal is to work with the best brands, bringing amazing new designs and efficient drawing and modeling services to all segments of the wheel industry and beyond. Find me on Instagram @thewheeltom Find me online at:


work experience

ADV.1 Wheels Designer January 2011 - June 2016

thewheeltom Owner/Designer June 2016 - June 2027



The engineer has yet to share the college or university graduation details.


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