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Creator, inventor, tinkerer, engineer, polymath with a few terabytes of consumed knowledge


work experience

Vert Rotors Design Engineer February 2014 - July 2014

I was responsible for and fully delivered: 1. Whole supply chain creation (Mashining, Moulding, Rapid-Prototyping). 2. Production process (Part of the design and entirety of the reminder process to finished product and all auxiliary equipment(E.I. sealing, oil delivery and recyrculation)). 3. Design, sourcing and building of a test Rig according to ISO 1217. 4. The whole testing process from Plan preparation to result analisis. 5. Production of in excess of 30 reports on everything from I.E. materials, testing, potential, applications, progress, data analisis, design analisis. 6. The actual build and in house machining. 7. Delivering all in a fraction of the industry standard pricing and lead-up times. 8. Numerous other tasks I managed to fulfill in my 12h 7day weeks. Loved every minute of it.



the University of Edinburgh BEng(Hons), Mechanical Engineering with Renewable Energy 2007 - 2011

Thermodynamics, CAD/CAM design, FEM, Fluid Mechanics, Energy Systems, Materials Science, Project management.



Workstation specs: Dell 6600 Precision ATI FitePro 6100 2GB 8GB RAM 256 M.2 SSD 500GB 7200rpm HDD 320GB 7200rpm HDD Win10 64Bit Pro
Honors and awards: Hey I actually won a award here ;) I had s couple of less cool awards in the past.

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