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work experience

U.S. Navy Hull Technician October 1992 - August 1997

Served Pacific Fleet based in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii welding and fabricating on submarine and surface vessels for NAVIMFAC. Initially worked as a 57-alpha insulation engineer, and soon moved into 17-alpha sheet metal shop. Obtained a Journeyman rating in both shops and merited awards for excellence and commitment. Eventually honorably discharged.

Ballenger Spar Systems Welder/Machinist/Fabricator June 1997 - March 2005

Custom fabrication and welding of aluminum racing and cruising spars using shop-specific fixtures, practices, and tools with emphasis on part design, ingenuity, strength, and construction. Daily TIG and MIG welding of varying thicknesses of aluminum and contour welding of parts into custom tapered aluminum mast sections. Used lathes and mills to build all parts in sailboat construction.

Tapemation Production MIG Welder September 1997 - December 1997

Production welded large airline bomb disposal units consisting of a base frame and gantry sections. MIG welding production involved jigs, cranes, and heat controlling techniques to minimize distortion.

Break-Away Concrete Cutting Concrete Cutting and Demolition October 2001 - August 2003

Residential and commercial technical concrete cutting and demolition throughout the Bay Area in California for the Local 270 union. Operated an air wall-saw, core-drill, and jack-hammer to create cuts and openings at a variety of job locations and job demands.

Pro Flight Boat Towers Production TIG Welder February 2004 - August 2004

Production fabrication and welding of custom aluminum boat towers for sport, leisure boats, and tournament boats for ski & wakeboard competitions and events.

P&F Metals Millwright/Welder April 2005 - September 2005

Millwright position welding and fabricating structures for food & fuel grade machinery including the operation of heavy equipment, rigging of large machinery, construction of power plants and feed mills, and mandatory job-site safety training and practices.

Unisource Manufacturing Production TIG Welder December 2005 - April 2006

Manufactured UL listed high-pressure cryogenic flexible and fuel hoses. Welding involved silver brazing, flame welding copper, and TIG welding stainless steel using a turret table rotating base during the welding operation.

Classic Exhibits Metal Department Lead January 2006 - May 2006

Lead position in the milling department responsible for shop's knowledge in metal fabrication, internal/external shop orders, production quality control, crew meetings, time management, and shop training. Exclusively used Modul modular extrusion learning and implementing the various configurations and machinability of the aluminum product.

Hansen Architectural Production TIG Welder May 2006 - October 2006

TIG welding in a mass production high-volume environment building aluminum handrails of many alternating styles & configurations used for high-rise buildings and architecture. All work required a high degree of weld uniformity, strength, and cosmetic final appearance.

Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) Rack Computer Assembler October 2006 - May 2008

Contract assembly position building rack computers for clients such as Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel, and AT&T. Hardware integration and configurations for computers, network & power cabling, and tracking and following daily production orders.

Medium Build (now Lit Workshop) Department Lead and Prototype Builder August 2007 - February 2009

Metal manufacturing lead and prototype project builder for custom builder of commercial store fixtures, trade show exhibits, pro-sport events, Hollywood movie set design, and more. Involved with the day-to-day developing complex and unique projects managing the metal department, running a crew of permanent and temporary employees, managing material and time cost of production, training and fabrication knowledge, and inter departmental productions.

Web from the Wild (now PDX Effects) Web Designer and Programmer August 2009 - December 2013

First entrepreneurial business creating websites for local and remote clients using custom web layouts, graphic design elements, and hand-written coding using HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, jQuery languages. During this time, I first began to offer services for both WordPress and SolidWorks developments in limited capacity.

V3 Solar 3D Artist and Design Engineer January 2011 - September 2011

Contract position working directly with an inventor and 3 other specialty engineers to bring patented solar concept into prototype phase and testing. Used SolidWorks to take the inventors design into a 3D-print ready physical object with highly customized parts to produce the prototype's conical form, rotor and stator rings, and other internal structures. During assembly, I soldered PV material to wires and onto circuit boards and fabricated internal parts for the accompaniment magnets and sensors throughout the system.

PDX Effects SolidWorks, Modo, and Unreal Engine Designer/Developer January 2011 -

We use SolidWorks to create new 3D digital representations of your concept, or to convert any preexisting design into a manufacturable one. SolidWorks supports every relevant 3D model file type, and we can export to any platform whether destined for manufacturing or video game development. Each and every idea can be made digitally possible.



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